The Company’s websites uses “cookies” for their routine and satisfactory operation, including for the purpose of collecting statistical data about the websites’ users and verifying details, in order to adapt your browsing of the websites to your personal preferences, and for information security purposes. Cookies are text files that your browser creates on the command of the company's relevant sites. Some cookies (session cookies) expire when you close your browser and others are saved on your computer's hard disk. If, for example, you use the Windows operating system and Microsoft's Explorer Internet browser, you will be able to find them in the directory c:/windows/cookies and also in c:/windows/temporary internet files. The cookies contain data like the pages that you have visited, the length of time that you stay on the sites, the page you visited before the sites, sections and information that you wish to see when entering the sites and more. The cookies also make it unnecessary for you to enter your details whenever you go back to the various sections or pages of the company's sites that require registration. The information in the cookies is encrypted and the company's sites take precautions so that only the company's computers can identify the information. You can refrain from creating cookies by changing the definitions of your browser. To that end, you should consult the browser help file. You should nevertheless bear in mind that neutralising cookies might make you unable to use some of the services and applications of the company's sites or other Internet sites. In addition, you should be able to delete the cookies on your computer at any time. It is suggested that you do so only if you are sure that you do not want the company's sites to be adapted to your preferences. Since the cookies sometimes avoid your having to enter user names and passwords, do not delete them unless you are sure that you have first kept a safe record of all the details necessary for using the sites. The Company’s sites also use web beacons for their routine satisfactory operation, including for the collection of statistical data about the use of the sites, for the verification of details, in order to adapt the sites to your personal preferences and for information security purposes. The beacons are tiny graphic files embedded in the web pages whose function is to assist the collection of information about the viewing and use of the sites. The information collected does not identify you and is designed to monitor site use patterns and visitors' preferences in respect of various content and services. So for as known, web beacons may be removed by deleting the browser history (like deleting cookies).